Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Eat a Crepe (or Two)

In Paris, crepes are a staple. We found our first crepe destination, Des Crepes et des Cailles, on a charming small street in the La Butte Aux Cailles area (13eme). Translated as "hill of the quails," La Butte Aux Cailles is like a little village unto itself and offers an authentic experience of an older Parisian neighborhood.

The restaurant is small and sweet with little flourish except a maritime theme. Best to keep it simple. We chose:

Complet: Ham, cheese, egg

La Raclette: Raclette cheese, potatoes

Nutella: The delicious hazelnut spread (and nothing else)

Watch the pros compose a crepe:

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  1. Yeah, you did have a crepe for me! Looks delicious, love the video.