Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking for Lobster Rolls

On our recent trip to Montauk, Long Island, NY, the local East-Enders led us to the Chowder House for what they consider to be the best lobster roll in Montauk.

What makes for a number one lobster roll? In my opinion, scant mayo is key -- only for loosely binding nearly a pound of sweet succulent lobster meat. Then just a touch of celery, parsley and perhaps a squeeze of lemon. Best served at room temperature with a crisp cool leaf of romaine lettuce.

The roll needn't be fancy. A classic hotdog bun works far better than more gourmet interpretations such as toasted brioche rolls.

West Lake Chowder House
352 West Lake Drive
Montauk, NY

(631) 668-6252


  1. Ted da Butcher6:40 AM

    Instead of celery. What might be a good idea is to use the white/light green of the romaine lettuce leave. Small dice the main artery....Did you forget to mention salt...And a little hint from Maine, when mixing the lobster salad add a touch of melted butter....remember to toast the bun...How's Van doing?


    I love lobster rolls.

  3. wow..nice to eat..