Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh the Sandwiches!

When in London, I can never say no to the simple prawn sandwiches. Suddenly I'm giddy over the iceberg lettuce, sliced sandwich bread, and the variations in mayo. I make it a point to try as many varieties as possible.

I experienced a version of this classic at a great little Fleet Street-meets-Halls of Justice joint called El Vino featuring prawns in a sweet chilli mayonnaise with iceberg lettuce on fresh seedy granary bread. The Tate Modern CafĂ© 2 serves theirs with lemon zest. I noticed the mayonnaise is a bit thinner in consistency than here in the States – not at all stiff or globby. Then my pal Ralph told me that it most likely is not just mayo, but a traditional sauce called Mary Rose sauce.

Mayo or Mary Rose aside, I find these little delights just divine.

(Photo by Brett Cody Rogers)

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