Monday, June 05, 2006

Chardonnay Is Chav

It’s official. I’ve been trying to make a move from Chardonnay for some time now, but needed more reason than Teddy telling me how pedestrian it is. (As knowlegeable and convincing as Teddy is, it's really a question of me spending the time to get to know the other whites and not just dismiss them as too sweet.)

Recently Jake Miller presented another reason, declaring that "Chardonnay is Chav." Apparently it's trendy for Chavs (my fave new Brit slang term – see “When in London … Must Have Mutton”) to name their daughters Chardonnay after the character on Footballers' Wives.

My first step: At The Ambassador in Exmouth Market, Luke Wilson (the non-actor but discerning oenophile) introduced us to a vin de Savoie by Domaine Chignin. An exceptionally drinkable well-balanced light white that could very well take me away from Chardonnay.

For more (studied) answers, I will consult Alder Yarrow's formiddable wine blog, Vinography, recommended by Jefferson.

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