Monday, June 05, 2006

What Goes With Pink Champagne?

Or to be precise, the new release of Dom Pérignon's Rosé Vintage 1996.

In a near-improbable turn of events, we ended up attending the launch party for Dom's latest in Beverly Hills, CA, hosted by L'Hero himself, Karl Lagerfeld. It was a celebutante extravaganza at a posh BH pad with a kick-ass art collection featuring a couple of Damien Hirsts, a Luc Tuymans painting, a floor-to-ceiling Donald Judd sculpture, a Robert Gober sink, and a Jackie Kennedy painting by Warhol to name a few -- where pink Dom was flowing like water all night long.

So, to answer our question, what did go with the pink champagne that evening:
+ Salmon sushi layered with fresh ginger and a dollup of pink "spicy" sauce resting a top a generous square-shaped platform of tightly packed sushi rice
+ Chocolate chip wafers & white chocolate ice cream sandwiches
+ Shish-Kabobs (details fuzzy)
+ Stuffed lamb chops (stuffing unknown)
+ Seared tuna with julienned vegetables
+ Mini pizzas (toppings uncertain ... blame the bubbly)
+ Seafood curry with udon noodles

+ A-List celebrities: Karl Lagerfeld, Eva Herzagova, Beck, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Pierce Brosnan
+ B-List celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Courtney Love, Jared Leto, Roman Coppola, Brian Grazer, Jeremy Scott, Ben McKenzie, Kim Karshdanian
+ C-List celebrities: Maria Bello, Brittany Murphy, The Sparks, Devendra Banhart, Mickey Rourke, Vincent Gallo
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Most memorable of course was the glistening fruit and crisp dry finish of the Rosé Vintage 1996. It's doubtful I will ever have access to that much Dom Perignon again.

Second most memorable was Karl and Lindsay Lohan's matching driving gloves. Or Karl and Paris Hilton's matching ponytails.

To gawk at more details of our evening, click on the below image to view our photo gallery on Buzznet: Karl Lagerfeld & Dom Perignon Party.
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(Photos by Brett Cody Rogers)

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